I’m a user interface/experience designer based in Toronto. I spent my career designing experiences for clients big and small and currently working as a UX at Sunwing Travel Group, where I’m designing websites and cross platforms Apps for the company.

I have worked in the design industry for over ten years — beginning with graphic design; designing advertising campaign for international companies such as Red Bull, Unilever and Mercedes Benz. I shifted my focus to conception and interaction design in 2010 by participating in an HCI (Human Computer Interaction) course and studying user’s behaviour ever since.

I’m passionate about clean, data-driven design that helps increase efficiencies and solve business problems. When I’m not working in STG, I’m is reading, doing research, designing interfaces for my own sake in order to explore and develop meaningful connections between human and machine! I love the concept of Lean and agile UX, where I can observe and learn from user’s behaviour which I believe is the core concept of a any good design.

My UI Design Methodology


Is my quick way of visualizing a new interface convey an idea or just thinking! Simply using pen and paper. Sketches are useful to validate product concepts and design approaches both with team members and users. I absolutely love sketching!


My visual guide that represents the page structure, as well as its hierarchy and key elements. It’s very useful to discuss ideas with team members (and SOME clients), and to assist the work of designers and developers.


A high-fidelity prototype is a simulation of the website/application and its features, commonly using clickable wireframes or more visualized layouts. It’s a quick way to test and validate a product before fully developing it.


I’m not exactly the biggest fan of this part, However it is essential! All of the visuals, colour codes, patterns and even some samples would help the developers to find out what is what.

What I Do

Information Architecture

Information Architecture

WireFraming & Prototyping

WireFraming & Prototyping

User Interface Design

User Interface Design

User Experience Design

User Experience Design

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

From the blog

What Is User Experience Design? Overview, Tools And Resources

Websites and Web applications have become progressively more complex as our industry’s technologies and methodologies advance. What used to be a one-way static medium has evolved into a very rich and interactive experience.

But regardless of how much has changed in the production process, a website’s success still hinges on just one thing: how users perceive it. “Does this website give me value? Is it easy to use? Is it pleasant to use?” These are the questions that run through the minds of visitors as they interact with our products, and they form the basis of their decisions on whether to become regular users.

User experience design is all about striving to make them answer “Yes” to all of those questions. This guide aims to familiarize you with the professional discipline of UX design in the context of Web-based systems such as websites and applications.

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65 UX tools

Below is a comprehensive list of 64 UX tools that will help you build stunning web experiences. The tools are categorised as:

  1. Remote usability testing
  2. DIY usability testing
  3. Prototyping and mock ups
  4. Design feedback
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Usability Mistakes to Avoid When Using Photos in Your Website

When used properly, photos are effective, information-dense content that can quickly send your intended message to your audience. However, using the wrong photos can degrade your users’ experience on your site. In this article, Jacob Gube will go over 8 potential issues your photos can have that will lead to poor website usability.

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30 Useful User Experience (UX) Tools

With the growing access to online services, websites and web applications have developed to become increasingly complex. If you are reading this article, the chances are you use the Internet not only to relax but also for work. Perhaps even for running your own business.

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Contact Information

Contact Info

  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • 416.779.0754
  • amin-nasr
  • @aminnasr
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